Helping Elders and their families determine, coordinate, and manage care needs.

Our Mission:  To provide compassionate, professional, and quality Geriatric Care Management in a manner that respects the history, dignity, and autonomy of the elder while providing hope, security, safety, and maximum health and independence.

My desire to participate in caregiver coaching comes from years of working with families. The core support that family caregivers receives is very important to the aging loved one’s well-being. To holistically meet the needs of the Older Adult, the primary caregiver must be well and supported also. I enjoy the focus of finding the strengths and needs of the individual caregivers of the Older Adult and using those to help form a working  care plan for all. It’s important for all caregivers to have a voice and to understand the options involved. This may sometimes involve helping many people with differing desires and views to reach a consensus. My ability to walk through this process with families  often leads to a strong client and family bond in relation to the care for the Older Adult. It can often mean that the tasks of caregiving are dispersed  among family members and/or other professionals, rather than falling on just one or  two family members. Some of the aspects involved in caregiver coaching  may be:

  • Provide a listening ear to all involved so that they know their role is respected and important
  • Assist families to determine the needs and challenges of the existing care giving situation
  • Share experiences and knowledge about their situation to help alleviate the burdens of guilt, frustration, fear, and overwhelm
  • Share practices, based on experience, and knowledge of other families who have been in the same position, that will alleviate care giving burden
  • Guide families through the processes and systems of senior care programs
  • Help mediate family differences
  • Organize and create a contingency plan for changes or emergencies

This work can be done in conjunction with Care Management or I can help with this as a separate service.

If you’re a caregiver who needs assistance and coaching on how to go about the process, I’d love to help you.  Contact me here.

Coyle Care Management provides geriatric and elder care consulting services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, and Waupaca, Wisconsin along with the surrounding areas in Outagamie, Winnebago, Calumet, Waupaca, and Brown Counties.

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