Helping Elders and their families determine, coordinate, and manage care needs.

Our Mission:  To provide compassionate, professional, and quality Geriatric Care Management in a manner that respects the history, dignity, and autonomy of the elder while providing hope, security, safety, and maximum health and independence.

The process where geriatric care managers gather information is called an assessment. The value of performing an initial assessment is that it provides a comprehensive overview of the client’s current situation and helps the care manager determine a path for the elder’s care. 

  • Determine safety with home accessibility, fall risk, and emergency preparedness.
  • Determine “where to start” in the elder care process
  • Assess functional abilities and needs of the elder client, their caregivers and family
  • Provide a neutral and objective evaluation based on what the elder needs currently
  • Determine well-being, cognition, and general health status.
  • Determine the best level, type, and availability of senior living options whether it be home care, assisted living, or other living to provide the best elder care
  • Mediate family differences to ensure the best care options for the parent
  • Tailor the decisions to the individual’s status and needs
  • Solutions are comprehensive, not just problem-oriented

I will then work with the Older Adult and/or the family to decide on the plan for  care and can help maintain the appropriate care options and help everyone involved to adapt as needed. I can also provide contingency plans for care.

When we work together, it is a symbiotic relationship that is focused on the needs of the loved one and the entire family as they navigate the options available to them.

Coyle Care Management provides geriatric and elder care consulting services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, and Waupaca, Wisconsin along with the surrounding areas in Outagamie, Winnebago, Calumet, Waupaca, and Brown Counties.

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