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Marie and John: The Young Couple

Client: Bob

Situation: Bob is Marie’s father who lives alone in his own home and has early dementia. Because Marie and her husband John live the closest, they’ve become his primary caregivers.

Challenges: They‘re feeling the stress of handling their jobs, home, family and social life, and they’re worried about Bob’s safety, personal care, finances, and household management There is additional family and friends available to help but Marie and John are not getting the family support they need and desire. A structured plan for care is missing and having one would make it easier to manage all of Bob’s care without overlooking anything important and placing the caregiver burden solely on them.

Care Manager’s Process: I met with Bob at his home and did an assessment with Marie and John present. We discussed the big picture and Bob’s strengths and deficits of the current situation. An assessment was completed of Bob’s self-care abilities, as well as home safety and fall risk. From this visit I was able to determine his needs, abilities, potential safety risks, general health status, financial status, and emergency preparedness. With this information, I was able to create a thorough plan of care. I met with other family members and we discussed Bob’s needs and created a structured schedule of what needs to be done, when, and by whom. We learned there was even a family friend who was willing to help with care.

Outcomes: With my assistance we were able to consider each family member’s input to work together to create workable solutions for Dad and his well-being. This led to improved family communication and a commitment to Bob instead of the previous situation where everyone was looking out for themselves. Bob is now receiving the daily assistance he needs and that burden of care is more evenly dispersed among more people, alleviating the stress on Marie and John. The result of this is that Bob also gets to spend more time more family that he loves.

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