Angie was worried. She lived two hours away from her 87-year-old mother, Carol, and hadn’t seen her for months, due to COVID and the demands of her own job and family. When they finally did get together at Carol’s house after both were fully vaccinated, Angie was shocked.

Her mother looked like she’d lost a lot of weight, there was expired and rotting food in the fridge, and the house, usually neat as a pin, was a mess. Laundry was piled up on the floor, and Angie noticed that the clothing her mother was wearing was stained.

“Mom, what’s going on? You don’t look well,” Angie said.

Her mother shrugged absently. “I’m fine, dear. Nothing’s wrong. I just haven’t been up to cleaning lately.”

But it was clearly more than that. Maybe she couldn’t live alone anymore; maybe she had dementia or another medical problem. Angie realized her mother needed help, sooner rather than later.

If you’re a caregiver for a senior or live far away from an aging loved one, you may have experienced a similar situation. What should you do if Mom or Dad’s physical or mental health seems to be deteriorating? How do you know when it’s no longer safe for them to live at home alone? How will you find good home care services? Should you look at assisted living facilities? What are the options? How much do they cost?

Angie contacted us at Coyle Care Management for assistance, and we visited Carol in person to do a comprehensive assessment of her needs and develop a plan of care. Carol’s physician also evaluated her and determined that she was showing signs of cognitive impairment and it was not safe for her to live alone. We helped Angie find an assisted living facility with a memory care unit, and assisted the family with the entire move-in process. Angie also hired us to monitor her mother’s care and keep tabs on how things were going, since Angie couldn’t visit as often as she wanted.

A care manager can be your advocate and guide you and your family through every step of the aging journey. An experienced professional at your side can help you make the best decisions and ensure that your loved one gets the best care possible.

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