The Only Thing in Life That’s Constant is Change

Welcome to my first blog post! When I started Coyle Care Management and Consulting just over three years ago, I never would have dreamt that I’d become so technologically knowledgeable and savvy while focusing on working with people in a health care business. My attitude about that has changed significantly and I’ve had to embrace technology instead of fighting it.  Thus, I’ve updated my website (thanks to Lisa Moody at JewelCode for all of her time and patience!) and learned and read enormous amounts of information about social media marketing, analytics, search engine optimization, page landings, etc. I just went to a workshop recently about Facebook advertising and it became clearer than ever that those platforms and programs change on a near daily basis.

But why am I talking about technology here?  Because obviously this blogging form of communication involves technology that I never would have thought of tackling five years ago, and I amaze myself at how I’ve changed. My goal for this blog and the email newsletters that they’ll arrive to many of you in is to keep them informative, light, and enriching in at least some small way.  In order to do this, I’ve accepted that I’ll constantly need to change my mindset regarding certain topics, as change is inevitable. I’ll do my best to post accurate and up to date information. I’ll appreciate your feedback and questions and try to keep it prompt and relative. Amidst the technology and programming of me doing the mechanics of this, my focus will be on keeping things short and sweet to provide you with wisdom of some sort, but not waste your time.

Just like with technology, all of our lives go through changes that we never would have anticipated. Our health or the health of others often precipitates these changes. How we deal with these changes can make or break us and those near and dear to us. We’re not expected to have all of the answers all of the time and so we turn to others for help when and if we’re able, or to the internet. I’m blessed to have had many people who have helped and offered me guidance or support over the years, electronically and in person, and I hope I’ve also contributed that for others. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned, had validated, and used the internet in “working with people” in my work. That is the change that our culture has experienced in the last several years, good, bad, or indifferent.

Despite the beauty and blessings of the internet and technology, my goal is to never lose sight of the personal touch and caring that is experienced in real presence. Colons, hyphens, parentheses, and brackets can show a typewritten smile and hug, but there is no substitute for the real thing. Eye contact and body posture cannot be seen in an email, and tone of voice cannot be heard, but these can all speak volumes in person.

Thus, even though change has enabled and necessitated the use of technology, let us always remember to not let it change the personal touches of a hug, a smile, a pat on the shoulder, or even just sitting in presence and silence with a loved one.

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