Spring is here! And with this seasonal shift comes the opportunity for change. Seasonal changes not only affect the world around us, but they affect our minds and bodies as well. With longer days, more sunshine, warmer weather, and summer within reach, now is the perfect time to get started on healthy habits to help you cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

1. Wake up early and at the same time every day
Having restful sleep, and enough of it consistently helps improve your immune health, blood pressure, mood, brain functioning, and gives the body proper time to repair itself. Keeping consistent sleep times helps regulate your circadian rhythm, leads to deeper night sleep, and can make going to sleep easier.

2. Drink Water
Drinking water helps regulate body temperature, remove waste, provide moisture to the skin and other tissues, cushion joints and strengthen muscles. Replacing sugary or high calorie drinks with plain water can decrease your risk for weight gain, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and more.

3. Keep Moving
You may be feeling more energized after a restful winter. Try and use this boost to change up your movements this spring. If you don’t have time to work out each day, include some sort of physical activity in your daily routine. Try to take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk while you talk on the phone, or dance around while you clean up the house.

4. Make Healthy Food Choices
Eating healthy does not mean you need to give up all foods that you enjoy. Instead, try swapping some ingredients of your favorite dish to turn it into a healthier version. Setting smaller goals and making smaller, more manageable changes will lead to lasting success.

5. Clear Out Clutter
As we leave behind the heaviness of winter, and enter the warmer, lighter spring, our bodies and minds are looking to shed some excess weight. Clear out what does not serve you in life. Let go of things that aren’t helping you move forward in life.

Spring fills us with a revitalized energy, after being dormant for so long through winter. Take time this spring to commit to a healthier you.

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