Helping Elders and their families determine, coordinate, and manage care needs.

Our Mission:  To provide compassionate, professional, and quality Geriatric Care Management in a manner that respects the history, dignity, and autonomy of the elder while providing hope, security, safety, and maximum health and independence.

sueSue Coyle, COTA, BA, CMC

Any contact with an Elder that makes him or her feel more loved, more secure, or more at peace is the ultimate gratification…….

I found this quote many years ago in a training manual for Alzheimer’s support group facilitators, and knew that it applied not just to support groups, but to most any work that I did in which I was caring for Seniors or their families. I’ve often thought of that as my “mantra” in my work and have kept it visible on my desk, in my day planner, and in my mind. Though I don’t do this work just for my own gratification, it is validation that what I do is valuable, helpful, and appreciated by those whom I serve.

When clients come to me for care management, they’re often in a life crisis and are feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, hopeless, and/or worried. I often leave the first or second visit with a new client, and they will say something like:

  • “I have so much more peace of mind now.”
  • “You’ve given me hope that I can stay in my own home.”
  • “Thank-you for understanding and letting us know that we’re not so unusual.”
  • “I’m so glad to have some direction and assistance now.”

It’s these quotes that tell me that I’m providing what is needed for families or the Older Adult who need to make decisions for their care. I pride myself on bringing that peace of mind in the form of services, knowledge, and care coordination, and most importantly, solutions! I value the relationship of trust, advising, facilitating, and even friendship that occurs in the process of our care management relationship. I know I’m adding value when clients enjoy these benefits as well!

napgcmcertMy Qualifications and Experience I’ve been certified as a Geriatric Care Manager since 2006, and am proud of this certification, which sets professional competencies and a knowledge base to serve Older Adults and/or their families in this capacity. As a Certified member of the National Association of the Professional Geriatric Care Managers, I am bound to Standards and Ethics of Practice to uphold the profession and its principles. My training, experience, and certification as an Occupational Therapy Assistant empowers me to holistically and functionally assess the senior and their caregivers in relation to self-care, physical, household, psychosocial, safety, and family abilities and needs. I’m knowledgeable about the many programs and services available to meet those needs and able to recommend, direct, and connect you to the best options. Based on the many years of training and experience in many aspects of Elder Care, I am confident that I can bring peace of mind, hope, understanding, direction, and assistance by providing valuable Geriatric Care Management services to provide solutions to your Elder care needs. My knowledge and experience of the aging processes, disabilities, Alzheimer’s and dementia, and family dynamics will make me an asset and an important part of your care team. I am ready to help you now!

If you’d like to know more about why I’m qualified and able to help you, contact me here.

Coyle Care Management provides geriatric and elder care consulting services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, and Waupaca, Wisconsin along with the surrounding areas in Outagamie, Winnebago, Calumet, Waupaca, and Brown Counties.

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